Frequently Asked Questions

We are not NTMA members. The national terrazzo and mosaic association is designed for terrazzo installers where as we specialize in the restoration rather than the installation of terrazzo and concrete. We can guarantee you that our work will not only meet, but will exceed the NTMA quality and specification standards.

TerCon Systems primarily offers repair and restoration services for terrazzo, however we do perform small terrazzo installations as well.  We leave large installations to the larger companies and focus most of our efforts on refining our world class repair services.

While it can vary greatly depending on the size and condition of the floor, a typical residential polishing of a garage floor will take 2-3 days.

We do wax terrazzo floors, however, we prefer and encourage our vitrification process as it presents a longer lasting surface and a brilliant luster unattainable from wax. 

Vitrification is the process that chemically hardens a terrazzo floor, while giving is a lustrous shine similar to that of a wet floor. It is not a coating like wax that can wear off, so it is a more permanent solution. While waxing may only last 3 months to a year, we generally find that properly vitrified floors can last for 8-10 years before needing the process again while maintaining brilliant shine with only a wet mop and neutral pH cleaner.

No, that is a large benefit of our unique restoration process. We can come in and do work after hours, and our process will be dry by the morning. We have engineered our restoration process to happen in distinct phases that can be done separately, several nights in a row. We have even restored a floor in a 24 hour facility.