Hollow Plane Injection

Premium Terrazzo Services in Wisconsin

Damage to terrazzo flooring is often a result of a failing substrate, what is supposed to support and hold the terrazzo can crack, crumble and fail entirely under the flooring. The cosmetic damage to the terrazzo surface is typically the only thing that is fixed while the real problem is left untreated under the terrazzo. Hollow Plane Injection is the answer to terrazzo substrate failure and terrazzo delamination, by injecting a proprietary epoxy blend underneath the terrazzo flooring, TerCon can chemically “weld” the floor back to its substrate and fill any underlying voids that could damage the terrazzo in the future. Repairing the floors base prior to repairing the floor itself guarantees a permanent crack or terrazzo patch repair. A building is only as strong as the foundation beneath it, and the same can be said about a terrazzo floor.

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