Terrazzo Lifespan: How long will it last?

Terrazzo Lifespan: How long will it last?

Terrazzo has been placed within high traffic commercial buildings for as long as there has been high traffic commercial buildings! But why? , you may ask. A unique decorative appearance, and an extremely low maintenance surface are some great benefits, but its incredibly long lifespan is what sets terrazzo apart from other flooring systems.

Today’s advancements in terrazzo repair, terrazo crack repair and terrazzo patch repair services are making it possible to return any historical terrazzo floor to its original condition. The techniques that make this possible are not necessarily new, but vastly improved upon. TerCon Systems offers hollow plane injection services that reinforce and chemically “weld” the terrazzo to its substrate, these techniques have been around since the early 1960’s. By filling voids under the dilapidated or cupped terrazzo floors and securing the terrazzo to its substrate we are able to prevent almost all future damage to the flooring.

Terrazzo is made out of hard materials such as cement, granite, and marble, this allows for an incredibly wear resistant surface. When the materials do show signs of wear, there are specific diamond grinding steps that can restore flatness and return the original luster. With any cracks or chips that occur over its many years of service TerCon Systems provides both a strong and cosmetically beautiful repair. By utilizing today’s epoxy products and color match technology repairs can be made without being an eyesore, in fact most repairs are difficult to find after they have been finished.

Terrazzo floors are known for being costly to install (they are!!), but take into consideration their lifespan. A terrazzo floor costs an owner greatly at first, but over the course of 50 years it can be even cheaper than carpet! Proper maintenance and proper repairing terrazzo floors can ensure that your terrazzo floor will be just as beautiful and functional in 100 years as it is today!

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