Terrazzo Restoration: Cost Savings

Terrazzo Restoration: Cost Savings


Terrazzo flooring is one of the most desirable flooring options in todays commercial construction industry, as long as there is room for it in the budget. A new poured in place terrazzo floor can range in installation cost depending on the chips within the terrazzo (many options to choose from!), amount of square footage being installed, and where it is being installed. $20 – $50 per square foot is a realistic range although it can be much higher! The high price of replacement makes terrazzo restoration and repairing terrazzo floors an excellent option for those who already have terrazzo floors, but want to get a new look.

Terrazzo restoration and terrazzo crack repair cost can also vary greatly, many things have to be considered to provide an accurate square footage price, such as wax buildup, cracks, chips, divots, bad patches, etc. Terrazzo restoration can include many repairs to the floor like crack and patch repair, or hollow plane injection before we can even begin the surface restoration. TerCon Systems restoration cost is typically $3 – $7 per square foot depending on how many repairs are needed and how much square footage is being restored.

TerCon Systems is happy to help with your current project, if you need help estimating terrazzo restoration cost we will provide questions about the floor to help us determine an approximate cost. We will also be able to visit the site and write an accurate proposal to restore your terrazzo flooring and tile restoration service. Call (844)983-7266 for more information.

Looking for terrazzo polish? Contact Tercon System they provide quality service to restore terrazzo nationwide.

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