How to Maintain Terrazzo

How to Maintain Terrazzo

Maintaining terrazzo

Terrazzo floors are known for long lasting beauty while requiring minimal maintenance. Some of the most walked flooring on the planet is within our airports, and terrazzo is very prominent in these establishments. When hundreds of thousands of shoes pass over a surface day after day, wear is inevitable. TerCon Systems can provide your facilities with the necessary services to maintain the beauty of your terrazzo, or provide your staff with the knowledge and equipment to have your own staff maintain your terrazzo properly.

The single most important maintenance task is keeping the dirt and debris swept up, dirt is abrasive and can quickly remove the luster of any surface. Scheduling your sweeping will be determined by how quickly your floor gets dirty, if you only have a few hundred patrons passing through, then you could sweep once a day, if thousands pass through then scheduling a couple sweeps a day would be wise, TerCon Systems can help with scheduling for your establishment.

TerCon Systems will also recommend a PH neutral cleaner to use on your floors daily, cleaning heavy soiling quickly will greatly reduce the chance of staining the terrazzo. The lifespan of the floors luster depends solely on the maintenance schedule after restoration has been completed, regular mopping / scrubbing will improve the look of the facility and extend the life of the floor. TerCon Systems also provides diamond impregnated pads for regular use to maintain the floors impressive sheen, use of these pads can be fitted to most existing floor maintenance machines. If you need help on terrazzo repair or creating a terrazzo maintenance schedule for your place of business, call us today, or contact us though our website for terrazzo floors cost, repairing terrazzo floors and tile restoration service.

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