Terrazzo Divider Strip Repair

Terrazzo Divider Strip Repair

TerCon Systems has seen its fair share of terrazzo damage over the years, most projects have had some damage along their divider strips. Divider strips allow the terrazzo installer to create special designs and patterns to fit the desire of the owner, they also have the function of preventing cracks from forming within the terrazzo tile or panel to produce polished terrazzo. With poured sections of terrazzo being limited in span by the strips, and also placing concrete divider strips over control joints in the concrete substrate, the installer will keep the floor looking its best for many years.

Terrazzo Divider Strip Repair Services

The movement of the floors will be minimal if the terrazzo and its substrate are installed properly, however, there will always be movement, even if it’s just expansion and contraction from temperature change. The divider strips and adjoining terrazzo will typically receive the most noticeable damage over time. I like to think of the terrazzo tiles as tectonic plates, these plates are always moving grinding, and pressing together (definitely not on the same scale!) and the resulting damage is always along the fault lines (divider strips).

Repairs for these areas around the divider strips are custom to each individual project, TerCon Systems will thoroughly inspect each joint to make a determination of services needed. Typically the strip area will benefit from hollow plane epoxy injection to fill any voids from a sunken or broken down substrate or slab curl and chemically “weld” the terrazzo and substrate back together. Mechanical Pinning may be necessary to tag the terrazzo back to the base depending on how severe the slab curl is, we want the flooring to be level as possible. Cosmetically the repair will be finished by TerCon’s Terrazzo repair, Color Match Crack or Terrazo Patch Repair, if the damage to the joint is minimal then crack repair will be best, if the damage is severe then patching may be needed, either way it will be nearly indistinguishable from the surrounding area.

TerCon Systems wants to preserve the beautiful and unique designs in all terrazzo floors, and no matter the condition of the floor, or how extensive the damage is TerCon Systems can fix it to new (or better) condition. Contact us for tile restoration service and Check our terrazzo refinishing cost.

Looking for reliable terrazzo crack repair? Contact Tercon System they provide quality service to restore terrazzo nationwide.