Transforming Spaces: Terrazzo Restoration in New York by Tercon System

Terrazzo floors have been popular for a relatively long time and are widely known to be versatile, durable, and beautiful. Most buildings preferred to install this type of flooring because of its mosaic-like design. If you have an old building or establishment, choose to restore terrazzo floors rather than replace them.

Just think back on the stores you’ve been through; you’re probably amazed at how smooth and speckled the surfaces were, especially if the place has been around for some time. 

If you’re looking at your terrazzo floors today and wondering whether it’s worth it to restore, you’ve come to the right place. TerCon Systems will answer this question and look at the reasons why restoring terrazzo floor could be a good option for your flooring needs.

What Is Terrazzo Restoration?

Terrazzo floors are exceptionally durable and beautiful. Accordingly, these floors need little maintenance, such as cleaning. However, some existing establishments and homes suffer from chipping, cracking, or other signs of imperfection. To avoid further damage, hire a terrazzo flooring expert if you notice that your floors have:

  • Scratches
  • Pits
  • Discoloration

Fortunately, your floor can be repaired to its near-original state of beauty. If you are still curious about how to repair terrazzo floors, please continue reading.

What Are The Steps In Terrazzo Restoration?

If you have been thinking about terrazzo restoration services, TerCon Systems can help you. There is a specific process for restoring the floors. The primary step that your floor will undergo is removing all the debris and substance on top of the surface, which includes wax and sealers- commonly used on floors.

The next thing we will do is examine for any holes, cracks, divots, or missing areas on the floor. Right after, an aggregate will be crafted to match the existing floor. Once done, the cracks will be filled with the crafted aggregate. Moreover, here at TerCon Systems, our team uses a custom color match technology to make the repair blend into the existing colors. 

Once the holes are filled, it is now the time to grind and polish the floors. Grinding removes large scratches and defects. The polishing process is the real magic that will have your floor shining with beauty again. Plus! Once these floors are restored, and completely polished, commercial and homeowners can enjoy their floors for years to come as they look just as beautiful as ever.

Is It Time To Restore Your Floors?

Quality does not come with shortcuts. That’s why here at TerCon Systems we do everything to make your floors look better. Hiring terrazzo experts will ensure your restoration job is done right and your floors’ shine lasts for years and years.

So can terrazzo be restored? Of course, it can usually be fixed just like new! As long as one goes to the company that knows and loves what it is doing! If you are interested in restoring, patching terrazzo floors, or having a terrazzo repair, TerCon Systems has you covered. 

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