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Ivan Shieldon Marketing Specialist

Ivan Shieldon Llesol


Employee Ivan Shieldon Llesol is a highly experienced professional with a career spanning 20 years in the field of SEO and Media Marketing Management. He began his career as a freelance marketing manager and has since worked with…


Rhea Ysabelle Balaba


Employee Rhea Ysabelle Balaba is a highly accomplished digital marketer with a wealth of experience in creating effective business marketing strategies. She is known for her ability to think strategically, anticipate trends and bring fresh, innovative ideas to…

Fran Rittenhouse

Fran Rittenhouse

Expert Color Matcher and Long Time Employee

Employee Fran Rittenhouse started his professional life as a member of the United States Army. Afte finishing his service in the line of duty, Fran decided to become a skilled trades worker, specializing in none other than terrazzo.…

Dan Rittenhouse

Dan Rittenhouse

Founder And Project Manager

THe founder Dan Rittenhouse did not start his life in the field of floor restoration, but instead in automotive engineering. As a lead engineer for General Motors who always needed to find solutions to both functionality and aesthetic…